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TGP46 | Motoring Stupidity on a Global Scale

Episode Summary

“We’re gonna die out here.” Diego Baltazar and Dillon Mortensen were stranded in the middle of nowhere. They were on a secret, side mission for the guy who gave them a dodgy, 30-plus-year old, Soviet-built Lada Niva.

Episode Notes

Since we last met, Diego's life has changed a bit. He's learned a lot about who his real friends are and what matters most in life. And he recently completed a 60-day trip around the entire world.

Back to being stranded—someplace to barren there aren't even any rocks—Diego and Dillon foud themselves discussing water rationing, doubting the rescue team was actually coming to their rescue, legit fearing death, and questioning their life choices, 

Diego and Dillon found themselves experiencing that Type II Fun. 

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