The Gearhead Project

Everything is built on this

Episode Summary

Director's (Founder's?) Cut. I want to spend more time doing car stuff with gearheads like us. It's never gonna happen if I can't get my head in the game, take better care of myself, and stop wasting money.

Episode Notes

This is an audio version of a 3,000-word article published on The Gearhead Project (because I know most people won't read anything that long unless they REALLY care about the subject). 

This piece is me staying up way too late on a school night, reading what I wrote, and adding additional context and color to make it more conversational. I hope you'll check it out. 

Simply put, everything's built on the following:

  1. Mental Health - Getting control of our thoughts
  2. Physical Health - Taking care of our bodies so they last.
  3. Financial Health - Having more money to spend on fun stuff.

Would be cool if you shared this one, but I'm also looking for constructive feedback. Actual article is located here—LINK.